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It happened. I made a new album of stories I told live in bars across Southern California.


I am really proud of this one. I even made a little themey theme around it.

All the stories are about jobs I've had and the bridges I burned at all of them. Whether it be bands, standup, or even being a mime, it's all here. Sometimes it was my fault, and sometimes it wasn't. But, there's no going back.

Especially not now.

They were recorded from 2014-2022 so the audio is all over the place, but ya know what? I don't really care. They're raw. And dope. And dope raw. And, live. There's honestly nothing like telling stories to people in person.

Anyway, the album will be live on Apple Music and all other streaming platforms (except Spotify US) on Aug. 11th.

This one is for the people out there who always wondered how it all went wrong.

I love you.

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