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New Music Alert!! New to me, anyway. ANYWAY!

The other day I realized (realised - for those across the pond) that I hadn't really listened to new music in a long time. Like, a long time. Mainly cause I'm convinced that new music isn't good. Because I'm old, and things younger people do make me angry. So, I asked the Talks Chrome hosts for new music recommendations. Or at least music they knew I wouldn't have listened to already.

So, they sent over a few suggestions and I now share them with you as this space of the website is mainly reserved for things I like and want to share with you. So, here's the top 3:

Meat Wave. Super weird punk music that is more parts Jawbreaker and Mudhoney than it is what your mind went to when I said "punk". Give them a listen.

Daisy the Great. Pretty sure I'm very behind on this band. I am with most bands. Anyway, D the G is like a mix of what you wanted Tegan and Sara to be and what Wilco is now.

The Nova Darlings. (pictured) This band screams "ART SCHOOOOOOOOOOL" and would usually go immediately into the "I don't like them" bin, but i didn't see what they looked like first. That helped. I don't need a bunch of baristas playing me music. But, without seeing them I was able to enjoy their haunting soft pop akin to a better version of Vampire Weekend.

Alright. That's it. Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Come see me at my next show - Oct. 24th @ Blind Lady Ale House in San Diego!

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