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We are all alive. If you're reading this. If not, you're dead. To me.

Despite my better judgement, I decided to finally make a website about me. For years I pushed the idea away, because who cares? RIGHT?! But, it has come to my attention that some people do. Very few, but that's my audience. So, after consulting with the immensely talented Ashley Ringger Designs, we came up with a site that we both like. You're on it now. LOOK AT YOU!!!

This site will be the home for announcements, links to my albums, and other stuff. Like, these posts. I'll be spending time doing what I can to use this space as a way to support others, and let you know what I'm in to. Remember when we used to share stuff we liked? Well, here we go again.

Anyway, as of now you can check out my upcoming shows, find links to my podcasts and YouTube stuff, and also buy my album, An Evening of This! full of material I don't do any more, but probably should.

I love you all, but you the most. Godspeed.

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